Amateur Surgeon 2 – A crazy, back-street surgery simulator

If you lack the time or patience to go to medical school, you may be looking for the cheapest and most time-effective alternative to meet your surgery-based needs. Performing backstreet surgeries to quench your thirst for saving lives is unquestionably illegal, so what alternative does a person have? The flash game scene has a number of surgery-based offerings that could solve your problem, but none are as apt at simulating surgery in a fun way as Amateur Surgeon 2. While an amateur surgeon is the very last place you would go if you had any kind of ailment that needed to be surgically repaired, Amateur Surgeon 2 should always be your first stop for surgery simulation, whatever the context. Far from your average, above-board operating game, Amateur Surgeon 2 carries the torch for the series that lets you brandish a host of DIY surgical tools in a questionable hospital for some shady characters. Simply save each patient before their heartbeat ceases or time runs out, but don’t be under any impressions that it is going to be easy.

In the original Amateur Surgeon, developer Adult Swim Games set the bar at an impressive height for the series that is now four titles strong, and the consistent element has always been the gameplay. You take a top-down view of the operating table as you slice your way through a variety of patients with view to saving their lives. You simply use the mouse as the tool to brandish all of your other tools, among which are a needle and threat, a lighter, a pizza cutter (no scalpel here), and a domestic vacuum to suck up the blood. The aim is to investigate the cause of the patient’s poor health and to remove whatever is affecting him in this way, and all this without letting his heart rate drop to low and also before the time at the bottom runs out.

A sterile clinical environment and classic surgical equipment that you would see in programs like ER is but an ideal, and your dodgy hospital is far from ideal in this game. Instead of a scalpel, you must use a pizza cutter; instead of a defibrillator, you use a car battery hooked up to some makeshift paddles; your stitching equipment is even just a simple needle and threat from the haberdashery section at your nearest store. Everything has a wonderfully dark feel to it, but in a sickly comical way. The challenges range from pulling out pieces of glass carefully as not to make the patient wail in agony, or extracting rolls of cash from some patients, while others simply need some bleeders cauterised and healed with the magical healing cream that somehow makes everything ok.

The impressive gameplay is matched by some above-average graphics that are fairly graphic and detailed about the gory stuff. The game isn’t polished in a classical sense, but it does have a rough, demented charm and twisted logic that many Adult Swim games possess and games like Hospital Frenzy 2 just don’t come close to having . Letting it down a little is the annoying menu system which seems like a one-way street and doesn’t really allow you to freely explore your upgrades once you have added a point to any particular attribute. You cannot beat Amateur Surgeon 2’s raw charm and DIY surgical brilliance, though, making it the obvious choice for your surgical cravings.