Berzerk Ball 2

Berzerk Studios have a reputation for quality flash games so when we saw the trailer for for Berzerk Ball 2 it was expected that we would be rubbing our hands in anticipation for it’s release.

We loved the first game – Homerun in Berzerkland, it’s had more than 3 million plays on Kongregate alone. The game dev’s claim it has had more than 400 million plays across all sites – we wouldn’t be surprised if that figure was accurate down to it’s last player.

To top the first game they would have to come out with something pretty special and by the look’s of the trailer they have done just that with more ways to toss your geek as far into the sky and across the terrain as possible.

Here we can see plenty of new options available to fans including powerup’s such as a giant slug and a monster truck plus the ability to change your geek’s appearance and a collection of mini games.

We think this game has plenty of potential to top the previous title. Although it’s quite an aim to achieve more than 400 million plays we believe that with the pulling power that Berzerk Studio’s have through the likes of Sand’s of the Coliseum it is possible.

The original game had a fair few items that needed purchasing to get the full play from the game – the standard freemium model that seems to be taking over most casual games these days. It will be interesting to see how many upgrades are available for free and how many fan’s will have to dip into their pockets for in order to play through the full game.

What about the visuals?

Apart from the ability to alter the look of your geek’s clothes Berzerk Studio’s seem to have stuck to the same graphics. We don’t feel anything was wrong with the original game’s visuals so we don’t have any quarrel with this choice.

Available for Mobile too

This version will be available for both Android and iOS devices making it a much more universal game that plenty more gamers can enjoy. It will be of interest to see how they manage the game controls and mechanics on touch screens that’s for sure. Launch and toss type games are not the easiest to get to grips with on mobiles.

Berzerk Ball 2 certainly does look worth the wait and should be due out sometime before the end of 2012.