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Fireboy and Watergirl 3 – A Quirky Puzzler

Platform games are amongst the most widely-played video games on the planet and the platform game genre was the vehicle that delivered us such absolute classics like Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Metroid. Platform games are also quite a common occurrence in the flash game world since they are relatively easy to get to grips, being picked up quickly by gamers that don’t wish to mess around with complicated controls and simply want to get stuck into the action. Finding a platform game that truly stands out is quite a rare occurrence even with the thousands of games available all across the internet, but the ever-popular Fireboy and Watergirl series from Oslo Albet has quite the reputation of being innovative, original, and extremely entertaining. Fireboy and Watergirl 3 is the third instalment in this wonderfully-designed series, marking the return of the duo to our computer screens with a multitude of puzzles for us to conquer.

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Amateur Surgeon 2 – A crazy, back-street surgery simulator

If you lack the time or patience to go to medical school, you may be looking for the cheapest and most time-effective alternative to meet your surgery-based needs. Performing backstreet surgeries to quench your thirst for saving lives is unquestionably illegal, so what alternative does a person have? The flash game scene has a number of surgery-based offerings that could solve your problem, but none are as apt at simulating surgery in a fun way as Amateur Surgeon 2. While an amateur surgeon is the very last place you would go if you had any kind of ailment that needed to be surgically repaired, Amateur Surgeon 2 should always be your first stop for surgery simulation, whatever the context. Far from your average, above-board operating game, Amateur Surgeon 2 carries the torch for the series that lets you brandish a host of DIY surgical tools in a questionable hospital for some shady characters. Simply save each patient before their heartbeat ceases or time runs out, but don’t be under any impressions that it is going to be easy.

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Bad Ice Cream 2 Game Review

You may think that the phrase “Bad Ice Cream” is an oxymoron in itself, since everyone loves ice cream and there can’t possibly be anything bad about it, can there? Well, even though ice cream is a boring choice for dessert, it makes a brilliant choice for a game, as is evident in Bad Ice Cream 2. Games that utilise a retro-style aesthetic instantly appeal to many gamers out there that miss the golden age of gaming, and the fact that it is of the arcade genre makes it all the more appealing since its fun is instantly accessible, hugely challenging, and immediately rewarding. There really wasn’t much that wasn’t enjoyable in Bad Ice Cream, and sequel Bad Ice Cream 2 is here to continue the stunning visual style and gameplay that is addictive on a fiendish level.

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SAS Zombie Assault 3

Games like The Last Stand and Earn to Die allow you to eviscerate and eliminate zombies in two very different ways, with Earn to Die being more vehicle-based and The Last Stand involving a variety of firearms and a desperate fight for survival.

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Berzerk Ball 2

Berzerk Studios have a reputation for quality flash games so when we saw the trailer for for Berzerk Ball 2 it was expected that we would be rubbing our hands in anticipation for it’s release.

We loved the first game – Homerun in Berzerkland, it’s had more than 3 million plays on Kongregate alone. The game dev’s claim it has had more than 400 million plays across all sites – we wouldn’t be surprised if that figure was accurate down to it’s last player.

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Stupid PC! It Won’t Work

Do you ever have a day where your pc plays up and you don’t know how to fix it? It’s a common problem the world over in many offices and homes and I am sure most of those unfortunate people including you have felt like smashing up their pc and throwing it out of the window.

Well the good news is you can save yourself some money by doing just that through a flash game rather than costing yourself a small fortune in real life. This game is designed to be a real stress buster and unlike smashing up a pc in reality here you can do it over and over again, as many times as you like.

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Angry Birds Seasons – Seasons Greedings

After the successful implementation of the Angry Birds Halloween and the increasing popularity of the original, there was an expectation that they would release a different game in time for the festive period, and this is the result.

With the introduction of this game, Rovio (the developers of Angry Birds) merged the previous Halloween version, and this one into a single game called Seasons. Seasons currently has eight different stages as of November 2011.

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Bloons – Pop As Many As You Can!

It may not be much to look at now but still Ninjakiwi’s little classic is one of the most played flash games online which is saying something considering how rediculously simple the game is…so let’s take a look at this old school game and why it became so huge online…

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Achievements in Burrito Bison

So you have discovered the crazy launch game that is Burrito Bison – where you fire a bull up into the air and devour some gummy bears. Well what about what’s up for grabs when completing the game, look no further than our achievements guide below to tell you just that…

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Learn to Fly 3?!

There is a nice big buzz coming and it brings with it a nice cold arctic chill: the devs behind Learn 2 Fly are going to be releasing the third title in their penguin launching series!

Well, okay, Learn 2 Fly is a launch game series, but you do not always launch penguins –which was the case for the first game. In the sequel, Learn 2 Fly 2, you launch a nice big black sack (which is roughly a dummy penguin). But that is besides the point. The important thing here is that fans of the first two games now have something to look forward to: a new game to get fixated on!

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