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Dream Chronicles: Book of Air

Dream Chronicles Book of Air is the fourth game to be released in The Dream Chronicles series although it is suggested that it is the first of a trilogy of games. The story follows on from where the previous game left us. Lyra who is Faye’s half fairy daughter is now eighteen years old and she finds herself all alone in the town of Wish. This excellent point and click tale begins here, but where will it end? Lets play the game to discover what the Book of Air is all about.

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Farm Frenzy 3

Farm Frenzy 3 the fourth game of the series takes us globe trotting around countries of the world visiting some exotic locations. It is a frantic exciting time management game that is full of contradictions(I will explain later) that are amusing at best, not such a great idea at worst. With easier combos to remember plus a whole variety of different animals as you move around the world it is one heck of an interesting sequel.

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