Dream Chronicles: Book of Air

Dream Chronicles Book of Air is the fourth game to be released in The Dream Chronicles series although it is suggested that it is the first of a trilogy of games. The story follows on from where the previous game left us. Lyra who is Faye’s half fairy daughter is now eighteen years old and she finds herself all alone in the town of Wish. This excellent point and click tale begins here, but where will it end? Lets play the game to discover what the Book of Air is all about.

Lyra has been transported to another dimension by some evil force but who? The only person that has any contact with her is her grandfather Tangle. He is able to send letters to Lyra from time to time via a box that appears on your screen. Lyra must look for a character called the Clockmaster to help her find her way home.

Lyra must collect jewels that are scattered around in order to unlock spells to help her on her journey. These spells include one to light up dark locations, spells to summon up rain or thunder plus one that can translate the complicated fairy language for her. There are various great locations in the game that you get to by means of a type of airship, its really good fun. Fuel for your airship comes in the form of colourful stones that you have to gather.

You can play Dream Chronicles Book of Air in two different modes, Casual Mode and Challenge Mode. The mini games entail completing puzzles that have to be done every time the airship becomes airborne. They are a lot of fun to work out, keeping players amused for hours. Obviously Challenge Mode is the most difficult of the two with harder puzzles to solve. For instance players will have to rebuild the Guardian of Knowledge. This enjoyable task I will leave for you to discover as you play along.

One new feature is the inclusion of the hint system that comes in the form of a huge magnifying glass. Players can use this glass to find objects that they are stuck on plus even to find dream jewels. What’s even better is the fact that you can recharge the magnifying glass to use over again, which is great, as its a very useful tool. At least players will not feel trapped in certain parts of the game with this great function at hand.

Dream Chronicles Book of Air has the sort of dreamy and confusing feel of wonderment similar to the flash game Coma where you are not sure if you are awake or in some sort of fantasy concocted in your mind. This is a really clever touch by the makers ensuring a surreal experience that is really exciting.

Visually the game is really nice with vivid colours, characters plus great locations that are packed with minute detail making for an enchanting play. Some of the artwork is phenomenal plus extremely dreamy but realistic looking. Even the airship that Lyra travels in looks like something straight out of a Jules Verne novel.

Sound wise Dream Chronicles Book of Air is very good with superb voice characterization and music that is appropriate to the piece. If this is the first in the trilogy it certainly leaves the player wanting more consequently personally I cant wait for episode two or is it five? No matter, I just cant wait!

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