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Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL

Another cartoon nostalgia game, I really enjoyed playing Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL. It’s a funny, full of fun, fighting game incorporating some of the zany characters from the Cartoon Network that we have all watched with joy so have come to love. There are twenty six characters in all playing up to four at any one time. Each character has its own unique personality and attributes making for laughs and mayhem all the way.

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Naruto Shippuden Super Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

Hi computer gamers! Don’t you just love fighting games? I know that I do, as you can transport yourself into another world where fighting and destroying your enemies is not only allowed but is demanded. Naruto Shippuden Super Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is one such game that is superb in all aspects so will give you hours of game fighting fun.

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