Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow – Demented yet festive Join-the-Dots

Many use the festive season as an excuse to relax, unwind, and spend time with family and friends, exchanging Christmas gifts and raising glasses of alcoholic beverages into the air to toast a variety of inspirational and wonderful things. For others, Christmas is a lonely time where they are forced to witness other people being happy and surrounded by loved ones while they stare on longingly and sigh sadly at being reminded of their loneliness. For the average Santa that just can't wait to empty his bladder, however, he doesn't have time to visit the restroom on account of having to visit every household on earth within an amount of time not permissible by physics, so what does he do? He decides to empty his bladder on a field of clean, white snow in order to draw various festive shapes to celebrate the holidays. This is join the dots 2.0, and straight-up urine is the ink of creativity.

The humorous title should be a clue as to the game's content, but essentially it is a game of joining the dots using your mouse to guide a stream of urine across all of the dots on the screen, each of which are identified by numbers. This is a fairly simple title compared to other Santa-containing offerings of the likes of Deep Freeze. Simply click the left mouse button to begin emptying Santa's bladder and then use the mouse to drag the stream over the dots in increasing numerical order. Nothing too complicated as you can see, but the result is a variety of crude artistic creations in the shape of festive symbols such as stockings and the star of Bethlehem.

Unlike real-life join the dots, you get a limited amount of time to perform the task; this time is represented on the screen by the level of urine left in the bladder at the top, which decreases rapidly as the pee drains out of it to make your arty Christmas-themed creations.

It would be a mistake to expect anything more than a shallow bit of festive fun from Matmi's Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow, albeit fun that is packaged in a hugely fun way. You cannot help but smirk at the Santa that stands with his back to you at the bottom centre of the screen, peeing all the while and having his red-tinged buttocks out for all to see. The design is far from flawless but the graphics are actually very smooth and well-illustrated. The music in the background is a jazz-like rendition of "Deck the Halls", which actually gives the game a genuinely festive feel. Though its crude nature may not be suitable for all, the game certainly serves its purpose as a genuinely funny little join-the-dots title that should make any festive that little bit funnier.