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Pet Shop Story: Variety is the Name of the Game

Being a micro management game, Pet Shop Story does a good job of balancing fun versus formulaic routines. If you have played any similar simulation games, then getting into this game will be second nature to you. At the same time, the continuous flow of rewards and irresistibly adorable critters you can acquire is quite rewarding. The result is addicting, though being a micro transaction game, it does entail a lot of patience if you intend to play completely free.

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Where’s My Water? – Say’s The Crocodile!

Disney’s new IOS physics puzzler Where’s My Water is a great little game that is full of personality while it oozes charm from beginning to end. The star of this endearing game is Swampy the Alligator who lives in the sewers beneath the ground. Children and adults alike will warm to this mythical character who is brought to life in a way that only Disney can do. We all know what it is like when the water is cut off meaning you can’t take a shower, its very annoying. The creators of this cute game have found their own solution while giving us plenty of game play time that is hugely addictive.

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Angry Birds Seasons – Seasons Greedings

After the successful implementation of the Angry Birds Halloween and the increasing popularity of the original, there was an expectation that they would release a different game in time for the festive period, and this is the result.

With the introduction of this game, Rovio (the developers of Angry Birds) merged the previous Halloween version, and this one into a single game called Seasons. Seasons currently has eight different stages as of November 2011.

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