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Lego Rock Band Review

When a music game gets released whose title names the band in which said game will focus on, it can be easy to guess the style and the general nature of the game. The Beatles Rock Band for example looked as if it was going to deliver the ultimate Beatles experience, and it did so in a spectacular way.

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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

The phrase “same stuff, different day” (stuff substituted for the naughtier word because well, we’re it’s just that family friendly kind of site) has been kindly describing the sameness and mundaneness of life and its boring bits since the birth of office work itself, but a phrase has developed in the gaming world which is used to refer specifically to the disappointing procedure that games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero follow title after title, year after year, disappointing release after disappointing release.

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Guitar Hero lll: Legends of Rock

A Make or Break for the Series

Enjoying the Guitar Hero series is a matter of taste, depending on whether you enjoy games that are consistently similar year after year with mere shuffling of content, minor additions, and marginal visual improvements or whether you actually like your games fresh and fully imaginative every time. If you’re a fan of the latter, then games like Fifa, Guitar Hero, and even Call of Duty aren’t for you, but if you can get behind the former, then Guitar Hero will probably fit in your collection quite well.

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