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Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow – Demented yet festive Join-the-Dots

Many use the festive season as an excuse to relax, unwind, and spend time with family and friends, exchanging Christmas gifts and raising glasses of alcoholic beverages into the air to toast a variety of inspirational and wonderful things. For others, Christmas is a lonely time where they are forced to witness other people being happy and surrounded by loved ones while they stare on longingly and sigh sadly at being reminded of their loneliness. For the average Santa that just can’t wait to empty his bladder, however, he doesn’t have time to visit the restroom on account of having to visit every household on earth within an amount of time not permissible by physics, so what does he do? He decides to empty his bladder on a field of clean, white snow in order to draw various festive shapes to celebrate the holidays. This is join the dots 2.0, and straight-up urine is the ink of creativity.

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Worms Games – Unleash Hell!

The original Worms Game was created back in 1995 by a company called Team 17 Software who also created the games Super frog and Alien Breed. Team 17 have gone from strength to strength since the release of the original Worms game creating many sequels that have improved plus developed along the way making Worms one of the most popular games globally.

The original concept can be credited to Andy Davidson when he entered a competition run at that time by Amiga which he incidentally did not win. It was taking the idea to the European Computer Trade Show where Team 17 had a stand that saw him succeed in getting Worms developed making the rest of course history. There are many references throughout the Worms games to the creators roots( him being born in Yorkshire), such as Yorkshire accents plus references to Yorkshire villages too.

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