SAS Zombie Assault 3

Games like The Last Stand and Earn to Die allow you to eviscerate and eliminate zombies in two very different ways, with Earn to Die being more vehicle-based and The Last Stand involving a variety of firearms and a desperate fight for survival.

SAS Zombie Assault 3 is more like The Last Stand in its format, but it has much more to offer than its competitors. As an SAS soldier holed up in a safe house, you are being constantly attacked by wave upon wave of zombies trying to make you their dinner. The only way you can prevent your certain demise is to fight back, and NinkaKiwi make sure you are able to do so by giving you a variety of weapons, a multiplicity of items, and the ability to touch up the barriers around the house that the zombies have damage and smashed through. Zombie survival doesn’t really get better or tenser than this.

The premise of the entire game is that you are a deadly soldier with exceptional weapons skills trapped in a very unfortunate situation, holed up in a safe house with boarded up windows and starting with nothing but a sad-looking glock to defend yourself with.

The perspective here is third-person, and the objective of the undead is to advance on the house like zombies tend to do, smashing down the barriers over the windows and trying to get inside to cause lots of trouble for and harm to you, the unlucky occupant. Use the mouse to aim your gun, the left mouse button to shoot, the R button to reload, and the WASD keys to move your soldier. Pressing F when near a barrier lets you fix it so that it can once again withstand more pounding from zombies. All you can do is try and shoot every single zombie dead before it makes it into the house.

The game advances through difference safe houses of varying shape and difficulty to defend, and the zombies also become more difficult as the game goes on. You gain experience points as you complete more levels and kill more zombies; these points lead to you levelling up and attaining bigger and better guns to defend yourself with.

There are standard pistols, sub machine guns, rifles, and an arsenal of weapons so diverse you may have trouble picking which one you want to use next. Deployable weapons like sentry guns are also extremely useful in the game, particularly when things get more difficult as the area becomes more populous with waves of zombies, each more difficult to deal with than the last. You cannot possibly hope to defend all of the barriers, either, so you eventually have to become very selective of which points you defend and which ones you simply let the zombies filter through. At least this way you can control the flow of the zombies and which direction they enter from.

SAS Zombie Assault 3’s gameplay is sublime, and it has the sound effects and music to back up the high-quality gameplay. The sounds punctuate the levels perfectly and add a definite atmosphere of despair to the mix. The choice of weapons is really where the game stands out, with the graphics being more than acceptable for a top-down view game such as this. This title truly stands out in the zombie survival genre, and will challenge even the veterans of this type of game. It will take a lot for SAS Zombie Assault 4 to up the anti on the 3rd title and Ninjakiwi have got their hands full if they want to keep fans satisfied.